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i decided today that i needed to get my follow up appointment with my PCP to check on my glucose levels and my blood pressure.  Three calls later my blood pressure is way up, i don’t care about my A1C and to hell with my flu shot.  Why or why does it have to be so hard?

Why not be smart instead of stupid?

Cause stupid doesn’t require you to think it through.


I’ve coined an new phrase to describe my incessant complaining about the most trivial things in my life;


I’ll see if it catches on so be sure to use it in a sentence when thinking of me.


Post for SMM contest “Night Clings”

Green eyes burn with red

pointed black ears and long claws

cat or night demon?


I just got back from checking on my  sister’s animals, FOR MONEY, I don’t do this for my health.

The youngest kitten was on a roll to get outside again, so “HE” had to keep him upstairs by standing at the bottom of the stairs with the water bottle.  This kitten hates us.  I locked him in the bathroom one time but he is too quick for that scam again, he only fell for it once.  I’m too old to wiggle enough the keep him in and close the door

There are three dogs; small medium and LARGE, plus two cats; OLD and young and it is becoming more than I can handle.  I’m OLD and fat and can’t move fast.  After picking up pooh and adding water to the little fountain (not to mention keeping the kitten in the condo) I’m exhausted and I have to do this all over again tonight, with the addition of feeding all 5 lunch mouths.  Cats in but Dogs out is just getting to hard for this old lady.

Thinking and typing for a living was a lot easier than this physical stuff.  I worry about tonight’s duties.  I’d be laughable if I wasn’t so pathetic!Linus-04-17

Biggest Linus

Look alike littlest though this one is at least at rest unlike my restless wanta go out Max



Nothing is impossible, some people do it everyday!


There are times to keep your mouth shut; like when swimming and when angry


I try not to drink too much because when I’m drunk, I bite.

-Bette Midler


Happy Birthday to my darling “HE”

So sad that you will not obey me

but times like these make me have to say,

I love you so, don’t go away

VernonPicdedicated to “HE who will not obey”