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For some odd reason, I thought of Jennings after all this time. So I decided a reblog was in order, he was an amazingly large who came to live with me in error but staid on purpose cat after a large vet bill. ~~dru~~


Jennings was Jennings because he was ALWAYS wailing….

…but from where i sat it looked like smooth sailing….


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Today is another dreary day……sigh, so I reblogged this one.


Prompt: Clouds & Sunshine 

The Light Fades to Dim

The Cumuli Own the World

Then The Sky Gods Speak


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Some thoughts never change. The first principal is “I don’t know” ~~dru~~



I am not running From THEM but I am running To NONE

I’m running on empty and running my mouth

I run from no man and run to no woman

I do not run because I Am but I run because I Must

Yet, I cannot run, I cannot hide, I cannot speak, I cannot try,

I cannot laugh but I can weep;

I cannot wake nor can I sleep


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I’m reblogging this post from two years ago as a friend who just read the poem said it was whimsical, melancholy, and achingly sad at the same time.
Thank you Friend!





I dreamed of Peace and Pleasure

I dreamed of Beer & Gin

 I met some friends I never knew and others I’ll not see again

I laughed until I could not laugh and danced with most the men

I kissed and hugged and smooched a lot

with Friends I love and Love a Lot

and expect this joy can really not

repeat its self again


The soft white lights and blue delights

The candles burning in the night

The fountain running thru the night

The Rat Pack singing Pure Delight


I had my Sapphire Party

The Party I needed to give

 So keep those Peace Signs close to you

Who Knows how Long we’ll Live


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HERE WE GO AGAIN, I SWEAR THE TIME CHANGE MAKES BE CRAZY. oh wait that should be crazier!


Wake up – Wake up

It’s time for us to eat!


Wake up – Wake up

or we will bite your feet!


We know your clock sez 6am

but our tummies say it’s 7.


We’re not the fools who made these rules….


Wake up it’s 10 past 7!

   evidently i’m not the only person who has this problem, daylight savings time or no, just check this out.    dru

ps last night i set my clocks ahead, finally figured out “In Fall you fall back” and had to reset every blasted one…smart i not!

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WELL I GUESS I DID HAVE MY DUCKS IN A ROW…at least once. ~~dru~~


As much as I’m standing, as much as I need, as much as I wonder, as much as I cede;

I may never under


All that I know

 but no one can say I haven’t got my ducks in a row!  Ducks-in-a-Row

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Couldn’t top this Fat Tuesday post from a couple of years ago, so here goes again. Happy Fat Tuesday. ~~dru~~



 “there’s a dance in the old dame yet

toujours gai toujours gai”



………………………………………Mardi gras Cat; Fat, Fat, Fat!


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Another visit to my past! ~~dru~~


It is a weird thing about cats but if they lose their sense of smell, they won’t eat anything.  They can be starving to death and they will sit in front of the dish and cry.  I have encountered this phenomenon many times in the course of my life-long- cat-affair and I’ve come up with several ways to  this circumvent this problem.

If the cats are not too sick, then you can force some water down them with a syringe and rub them all over with cod liver oil or tuna juice, and/or sardine paste.  They won’t eat that because of smell, at least at first, but if they’re not too sick, they will lick themselves clean and at least get some calories.  As they get better, they will lick it because of the smell too but if you sleep with them remember you smell also and are not very socially acceptable in the non-cat world.  I…

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A visit to my past ~~dru~~




I once had a cat named Simon, a very tall short haired grey and black striped and spotted male that adopted me when he was about nine months old.  He just showed up one evening while we were eating a Bar-B-Q’ed dinner on my portion of a big wrap-around-porch on the 100 year old Victorian home where I rented an apartment and he never left.  Partly that was because he had a propensity for getting hit by cars, a “skill” he demonstrated that evening and twice thereafter.  The 3rd time was the “charm.”      

He lived thru that night’s episode with one leg broken but fixable.  The 2nd time the same leg had to be pinned, he broke his pelvis and had a “tailectomy” but again lived.  As I said, the 3rd time was the charm.   

However to get to the 3rd time, he moved with me three times…

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A Trip Down Memory with Bette Noir. ~~dru~~



Bette Noir is a little black cat but she’s mean and she’s ornery and she fights like that.  I don’t suggest you lift her and you must ask her first to pat and I’m warning all you other cats you’d best remember that!

It appears that I’m having another Catz Crisis but this one doesn’t include Bette Noir….at least yet! 

Mostz ALL gotz a cold and a very bad cold at that.  I hate this time of year…reference:

“Song for The Great Cat Flu Epidemic of 2004”

I’m trying to give antibiotics in case there are secondary infections and everyone is eating…thank anyone you want…but I’m going crazy.

The antibiotic is in liquid form, so this is not a case of “How to give a pill to a Cat” BUT there are at least 6 of them with this respiratory thing and some of them won’t even let me near…

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