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I’m trying to stay away from politics as it is suffocating me but I couldn’t help myself on this one. ENJOY! ~~dru~~

The Last Of The Millenniums

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Philip Kindred Dick (December 16, 1928 – March 2, 1982) was an American writer, who published works mainly belonging to the genre of science fiction. Dick explored philosophical, sociological and political themes in novels with plots dominated by monopolistic corporations,authoritarian governments, alternate universes, and altered states of consciousness. His work reflected his personal interest in metaphysics and theology, and often drew upon his life experiences in addressing the nature of reality, identity, drug abuse, schizophrenia, and transcendental experiences.

In addition to 44 published novels, Dick wrote approximately 121 short stories, most of which appeared in science fiction magazines during his lifetime. A variety of popular films based on his works have been produced, including Blade Runner (1982), Total Recall (1990),Minority Report (2002), A Scanner Darkly (2006), Paycheck (2003), Next (2007), and The Adjustment Bureau (2011). In 2005, Time magazine named Ubik one of the hundred greatest English-language novels published since 1923.  In 2007, Dick became the first science fiction writer to be included in The Library of America series.

PhilipDick source: Wikipedia

inspiration for this post

Just Saying 08.04

War would end if the dead could return.

Stanley Baldwin (1867-1947)

Our Revolution


Senator Bernie Sanders announced that he’s going to be introducing a Medicare for All bill in the Senate.

We all know that the Affordable Care Act was a critically important step towards the goal of universal health care. But 29 million Americans today still do not have health insurance, and millions more are underinsured because health insurance companies are making our health care unaffordable and inaccessible.

Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All bill puts power and choice when it comes to health care decisions right where it should be — in the hands of patients and their doctors, because nobody should be squeezed by the insurance industry’s bottom line.

I’ve known Senator Sanders for more than 30 years. He has championed universal health care for even longer. Bernie has always stood up for the people, even if it means going up against the establishment. The insurance industry, which spent $146 BILLION in 2016 alone lobbying Congress, will say that universal health care isn’t possible. Not only is it possible*, Medicare for All is the only way to solve our health care crisis.

That’s why Our Revolution is joining with communities all across the country to win this critical fight. We’re supporting Rob Quist, a strong advocate for universal health care, who is running for Montana’s at-large Congressional district in the upcoming special election.

This isn’t some fringe issue: 58 percent of Americans support a Medicare for All system**. Our issue is national, and it’s personal. Too many Americans lie awake at night wondering how they’ll pay for much-needed treatment or medications. Americans are dying of entirely preventable causes. Ensuring universal health care through a Medicare for All program is a moral imperative that we cannot ignore.

Millions of Americans are without health insurance or are underinsured because they cannot afford the high copayments and deductibles charged by the private health insurance companies who put profits ahead of patients.

Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All bill puts power and choice when it comes to health care decisions right where it should be — in the hands of patients and their doctors.

Keep up the fight, because together we’re transforming this country.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Our Revolution

Need to get your ducks in a row regarding ACA, this short post can’t be beat. ~~dru~~


Now that the AHCA effort by the President and Republican majority has fizzled, it would be appropriate to step away from the rhetoric and ask a few questions about the Affordable Care Act (ACA). I would also suggest you may not want to listen only to politicians on this as I have learned the health care awareness of politicians is not as high as we need it to be and some are more interested in optics than impact.

The questions and answers have been provided by a retired benefits actuary, consultant and manager for a Fortune 500 company.

Question 1: The ACA is: (a) undergoing a death spiral, (b) a disaster and will implode, (c) doing well in a number of places, but needs help in a few others.

Question 2: The reasons for rising costs under the ACA are: (a) adverse selection where more bad risks are signing up than good…

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This is just hysterical! ~~dru~~

The Last Of The Millenniums

President Donald Trump has spent less than 15 minutes in the same room as reporters since he claimed on Twitter over the weekend, without evidence, that his campaign offices were wiretapped by his predecessor.

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I can’t say I believe the prediction but I will say that my personal opinions could not be expressed more precisely. Thank you Keith. ~~dru~~


During the movie and book “The Right Stuff” about astronauts and test pilots, when a pilot made a fatal error, it was often said “he screwed the pooch.” Unfortunately, the key word in the sentence is fatal. Although he won’t die from this, our President has just screwed the pooch with respect to his presidency. It will take several to many months for this to play out, but his presidency is toast. He will be impeached or resign.

Why do I say such a thing? Actually, I am borrowing from E.J.Dionne’s column noting the President has painted himself into a corner. After his furious internal  response to Jeff Sessions’ recusing himself from a Russian involvement investigation and after his childish attempts to show Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer meeting with Putin years ago on the record, he took it upon himself to send a series of tweets accusing the former…

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Couldn’t help myself and when I saw his new tweets this morning I decided I’d just had to post it even if he is POTUS.  ~~dru~~


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OOooooo guffaw! ~~dru~~

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

President Trump, Presidents Day, holiday, politics, satire, humor, Modern PhilosopherHappy Presidents Day, Modern Philosophers.

In case you forgot about the holiday, don’t worry.  It will be coming around again much sooner than usual.

As in tomorrow.

President Trump signed a new Executive Order today declaring that every day is now President’s Day.

“President’s Day is a huge holiday that seems to get forgotten because it’s lumped in with school vacation and Valentine’s Day,” Trump addressed the White House Press Corps himself as Sean Spicer stood in the corner, arms crossed, and pouting like a child sent to bed without his milk and cookies.

“Arbor Day, Flag Day, Columbus Day…these are holidays, too,” he continued.  “They all get one day on the calendar, which makes them seem just as important as President’s Day.  But they’re not.  Since when is a tree as important as the leader of the free world?  I mean, I like the flag, but come on.  Not…

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My sentiments exactly. Well worth the light read and just because it is funny doesn’t mean you won’t have to think. ENJOY!

Mellow  Curmudgeon

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Why am I glad that 2017 is the Year of the Rooster in the East Asian Lunar Calendar?  Because I quickly found an image of a smirking rooster for this post.  Thank U, Ariadna Ada Sysoeva/  Why did I want such an image?  Read on, if U dare.arrogant-smirking-rooster

Despite not owning a gun, I sometimes shoot myself in the foot.  It is a common tendency among progressives.  Case in point: boycotting retailers like Walmart and Amazon that carry Trump-branded products w/o pushing them, not just boycotting the products themselves and those who push them.  We continue with appropriate made-up names.

Consider a retailer, say Walazon, that carries several lines of women’s fashions, including IvankyPanky and…

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