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Well I girdled my loin and fought the fight but I didn’t have to actually leave the house because, due to safety reasons – the IRS doesn’t just let you show up any more and just take a number. Whole thing failed anyway but by way of the Internet.

I found I needed an appointment and tried to get one but there were no appointments within my needed time frame; got the call Friday afternoon at 3:15pm and the documents are due no later than tomorrow Wednesday so I’m screwed.

However it turns out even if I had gone I would not have been able to obtain my “transcript” as it has not been entered into the system, so is truly not available.  I failed to enclose a 1095-A form for 2015 and so the IRS requested that I send a copy and some additional information and even though I have done that, they have 60 days before they must record the corrected return…..again I’m screwed.

The Federal/State help program will now just toss my application (I’ve worked on this since the end of February) and I must start all over but there is no reasons to do that until my tax returns are not only filed but recorded and certified transcripts can be obtain.   I’m SCREWED!  At least for now.  I’ll start again as soon as I file 2016 which is only waiting for that years 1095-A from my insurance company…………sigh.

I’m on the way to feed the dogz and spend some time with them.

D.Parker never ceases to amaze and make me laugh and boy I needed it after this morning! TRY IT! ~~dru~~

yadadarcyyada“Making your way
in the world today
takes everything you’ve got.
Taking a break from
all your worries,
sure would help a lot.
Wouldn’t you like
to get away?
Sometimes you want to go
Where everybody
knows your name,
and they’re always
glad you came.
You wanna be
where you can see,
our troubles are all the same….
You wanna go where everybody knows your name.” (Cheers)

Yup, that’s blogging in a nutshell – bloggers from around the world gathering at a local establishment to share our joys, sorrows, fears, woes, hopes, wisdom, jokes, dreams, and hopes.
And I get it, blogging isn’t curing cancer.
Blogging won’t solve devastating problems: world hunger, disease, poverty, climate change, drought, unemployment/underemployment, etc.
Blogging probably won’t overcome the horrors of: war, terrorism, racism, prejudice, sexism, crime…’s still not ok for WordPress to use bloggers as lab rats (it’s also not ok to use…

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And I thought I knew the Easter Bunny personally. Who knew?

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Easter, Jesus, Easter Bunny, religion, satire, humor, Modern PhilosopherLike most Americans, Modern Philosophers, I don’t listen to much British talk radio.  Not only is the distance a problem, but I also prefer not to be bored to death when I crank up the old wireless.

Every once in a while, however, those cagey Brits will book a guest we can’t get here in the States, and I’ll have to begrudgingly tune in to catch the interview.

Today’s Easter Weekend edition of Tea and Crumpets With Alistair Winterbottom, IV had a very special guest: Jesus Christ.

Apparently, the Son of God doesn’t do many personal appearances, but He and Alistair go way back, and Jesus wanted to send out a message of hope during such troubled times.

Plus, He seemed pretty intent on reminding people of the true reason we celebrate Easter.

“It’s not all about the candy, the colored eggs, and the big baskets,” Jesus reminded the host. …

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I’m waiting to go to a “Easter Sabbath” potluck of SDA aficionados, one that just makes me itch at the thought of going.  The  green beans are almost done and the mushrooms are getting there and I’m a wreck and having another beer.  I am reminded of a Tennessee Williams quote, which I think originally came from the bible


“Possess your soul in patience – you will see!”

Life just can’t be as bad as I’m making it.


ps: I’m wearing the outfit that when I wore it last someone asked me if I was an artist.



image from: Wilder Rees


I had a friend who was cleaning out his deceased Aunt’s garage and found a large box filled with little short pieces of string.  Now this Aunt always saved old pieces of string and she’d tie them together to make longer pieces and then keep them in a string holder for future use.  A depression child.

This particular box had just little bitty pieces of string in it, just layered in, all mixed together and the label on the box was:





Fashion for people who think by the seat of their pants!


'No, Watson...I did not butt-dial you!'

‘No, Watson…I did not butt-dial you!’