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The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Valentine's Day, love, caring, respect, the world needs love, philosophy, Modern PhilosopherValentine’s Day is only a few days away, Modern Philosophers, and it has inspired me to share some Deep Thoughts about how desperately the world needs Love.

Yes, I capitalized the word because that’s how important Love is at the moment.

As always, Valentine’s Day conjures up thoughts, wishes, and lamentations of romantic love.  It is only natural for us to want to couple up, find our better half, and have a shoulder to lean on in good times and in bad.

Right now, though, the world needs Love on a totally different level.  I’m not talking romantic love, relationship love, or ooey gooey, smooching in the corner kind of love.

I mean the type of Love that can unify a planet, block out the hatred, stand up to the bullies, and drown out the mean spirited.

I don’t like to use the blog as a pulpit, Modern Philosophers, but…

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