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Well “HE” and I are part of the undeserving poor but unlike good ole Alfred P, we’re not happy about it. Not only can we not fix the roof, the oven, or the dryer but now he is have minor surgery and won’t be working. Pay for a little emergency? Hell we can’t make the mortgage and are rate is increasing (marginally I’ll admit in February) I’m soo soo soo TIRED!

In Saner Thought

I am spending Trump’s first full week writing about the situations that he will be facing and even predicting a few things to come…..

Just how are most Americans coping these days with the economy and their finances?

Minor emergencies like a busted pipe, flat tire or a root canal happen all the time. But for the majority of Americans, such inconveniences are potential recipes for financial ruin, according to a new survey by finance site

In the survey released on Wednesday, Bankrate found that 63 percent of Americans don’t have enough saved to cover even a $500 financial setback. And just half of higher income respondents (defined as $75,000 or more in annual earnings) said they have enough cash to handle such an emergency.

Source: Most Americans Lack Reserve Cash to Cover $500 Emergency: Survey – NBC News

Now there will be those on the Right that will…

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    Interesting read!

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