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Dru, your name could save thousands of sea turtles

Help save endangered and threatened sea turtles today >>

If you could save as many as 2,500 endangered and threatened sea turtles from needlessly dying each year with a simple signature, would you?

Now’s your chance to do just that – Add your name right now to save thousands of endangered and threatened sea turtles from dying this year >>

Each year, thousands of endangered and threatened sea turtles drown in shrimp trawl nets in the Southeast Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. Trapped with nowhere to escape, these sea turtles look to you for help.

We have a proven solution to save sea turtles. Turtle Excluder Devices, or TEDs, are metal grates inserted into trawl nets that give sea turtles and other wildlife an escape route and a chance to live. TEDs have been shown to be 97 percent effective at saving captured sea turtles.

Thanks to thousands of Wavemakers like you and a lawsuit Oceana filed in 2015, the government recently proposed a rule requiring life-saving TEDs in U.S. skimmer, pusher-head and wing net shrimp trawls.

But that rule won’t become final unless we speak up, Dru – sea turtles will keep dying.

Add your name now to show your support for the proposed TED rule and ensure thousands of endangered and threatened sea turtles live to see another year >>

With six of the seven sea turtle species in U.S. waters endangered or threatened with extinction that’s life-saving progress these animals need.

We’ve made it this far together – We can’t quit now.

Lora Snyder

For the oceans,
Lora Snyder
Campaign Director, Responsible Fishing
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