Wonderful, aside from 3 alarms and living with my mother….I CAN SO Relate!

Waking SUCKS, Working SUCKS, but not being able to go to sleep SUCKS EVEN WORSE.
Thus Spake Druathustra


Have you ever set your alarm clock to go off before you had to wake up? Its something I do five days a week, for each dreadful day I go to work. I hate my job so much, that I have three alarms set on my phone, that way I can wake up twice with the luxury of not having to begin my miserable workday.

9:30am is that “Oh Shit” moment. That’s when the Hellstorm begins, so I like to space out my alarms one hour apart from one another. 7:30 is Thank you Jesus, while 8:30 is Holy Shit, Let’s enjoy the time we have left before we have to wake up, because its fucking coming and  will be here soon. Its sad when it gets to this point, but it is what it is for the time being.

With that being said, things have gotten worse. Tonight I’ve…

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