“If you can’t think high keep a high thought” -Aunt Dot

Sheldon, I want to use this on my quote page if I ever get it done. ~~dru~~

Sheldon Kleeman


My head was buried in my hands    as my head,I moan    how was it going to be     taking my hands away and looking up into her big brown eyes   she said “schome on”   it was her way of making the situation safer for me to process     because there was no other way but to move on    from where the fear was     to a safer place where there was none    Aunt Dot had a way of making it all seem right again    she said this was your cause and the only way this cause was to have any effect was to leave on a high note     so I got up from the chair and as I’m moving away from the table     she says if you can’t think high keep a high thought

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