TRUMP Flags but no conflict of interest? ~~dru~~

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Trump gives Alaska back to Russia, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Russia, Alaska, politics, Trump's inauguration, satire, humor, Modern PhilosopherPresident Elect Donald Trump’s inauguration is not until Friday, Modern Philosophers, but he is already sending thank you gifts to those who helped him win the election.

And the billionaire, who really knows how to spend, is not skimping on the presents.

Today, Trump surprised one of his most ardent supporters, Russian President Vladimir Putin, with the gift of Alaska.

“Putin gets a bad rap because the Democrats wanted us to see him as the enemy,” Trump explained as he signed away the forty-ninth state in yet another horrible real estate deal.  “I know better.  The man is a friend, an ally, and a lover of all things American.”

Is that why you thought you should give him his own chunk of America?

“Alaska used to be part of Russia, so we’re merely giving a very cold, very far away place back to its rightful owner,” Trump continued.  “I’m hoping that…

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