My favorite words are sarcastic and the phrase “Go to Hell”. I am not a happy person but can at times be funny. I laugh so I will not cry. Thank you for this truly amusing post.


yadadarcyyada Support. From family, friends, groups, or bras  – support is important. Why? We all have saggy moments, even the world. I admit to feeling shaken and stirred – too much time in the shallow end, let’s dive in deep, let’s talk about ‘s’ baby…

2. Salt, people have been using it for like 10,000 years, slightly longer than I’ve been alive. As a baby I had a saltlick in my crib. I wander the streets following salt trucks. I envy cats, dogs, and giraffes – they can freely lick humans for salt. I know it’s bad for me…my precious. I’m slowly desalting.

3. Selling. Everything seems to be for and/or on sale now. The new genius? Stephen Hawking selling cars.

4.Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. One word review: Why? Just move on…

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