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Life of an El Paso Woman

wp-1484350252074.jpgHi everyone! In honor of Martin Luther King Jr., I’m including one of my favorite quotes of his. This year would’ve been his 88th birthday. I’m also including a short post I did last year below:  


Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday is always honored on the third Monday of January here in the U.S. Schools, banks and several businesses shut down for the day. During this time of year, I typically read about his life and legacy. Learning about historical events has always been one of my favorite things to do. I’m surprised there hasn’t been more movies or musicals that are based on his life. Today is a good day to learn something new or even help someone in need. To be honest, everyday is a good day! Any day is always a good day to teach children about loving and accepting themselves and others just the way they are. Being more tolerant of others is what the world needs more of. If only…

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