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Our Revolution


Donald Trump campaigned on a promise to build a “big, beautiful wall,” and has talked openly about creating a “deportation force” that would have the ability to round up and deport millions of immigrants. Trump might just be the most anti-immigrant president our nation has seen in recent history.

President Obama has just six days left in office — just six days to take decisive action that could protect immigrants from Trump and his administration. So, today, on the Immigrant Justice National Day of Action, we’re raising our voices with progressive members of Congress to call on President Obama to take immediate action.

Protecting immigrants and their families has never been more urgent. Add your name alongside members of Congress in a letter calling on President Obama to take action in his final week in office.

There’s nothing Obama can do in his final days as President that would completely fix our broken immigration system, or dismantle the state-sanctioned deportation machine. But there are very specific actions he can take to protect us and show that families like mine matter. Here’s what President Obama can do during his final days in office:

  • Pardon permanent residents who are threatened with deportation as a result of minor criminal convictions
  • Put a definitive end to the practice of detaining immigrant families and close the detention centers in Texas and Pennsylvania
  • Use constitutional power to grant clemency to all individuals with federal non-violent, low-level drug offenses, and to pardon undocumented immigrants who are currently unable to receive an adjustment to their status

Add your name to stand with us in calling on President Obama to take action on immigration in his final days in office.

Our Revolution is committed to the fight to protect immigrants and their families. Thanks for taking action today.

En solidaridad,

Erika Andiola
Political Director
Our Revolution