” Lucifer, meanwhile, stood there looking toasty as Hell.”

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Christmas, The Devil, short story, writing, Sundays With Satan Short Story Series, Snow Miser, Modern PhilosopherI was definitely not in a position to receive guests when I heard an all too familiar voice behind me.

“I thought we were going to watch football, drink Snapple, and share merry stories about the holiday season,” The Devil quipped with a chuckle.

I was sprawled out on the kitchen floor, blow dryer in hand, trying to coax the water pipes beneath the sink to yield water again.

“Slight change in plans,” I informed him without looking up from my mind numbing task.  “Snow Miser decided to pay us a visit last night, and my pipes froze.”

“You really should resolve your issue with that Ice Imp,” Lucifer suggested.  “You’re one wiggle away from revealing your plumber’s crack, and this really is no way to spend a Sunday, which my old boss famously declared the Day of Rest.”

“Well, I need water to wash the dishes, and I’m afraid…

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