Hack, Hack, Hack….cover your mouth when you cough!

I agree chuq, let’s get over with it and get on with it….there is still much to do and perhaps we should lay in an extra store of acorns (as gigoid said) for the coming storm of winter.

We can “Delegitimize” our lawfully elected and will soon be duly and legally acknowledge, president. We can’t even “declasse” the jerk…he did that to himself.

All we can do know is recognize the problems within our legal voting system and work towards changing and/or eliminating them before the next election. Oh and work hard not to elect our soon to be legal and legitimate President for the next term.

Fight for what you believe is right but don’t waste your precious time on what you cannot change. This is a Democracy and we elected through our antiquated system The Don. Your “Down but not Out” friend ~~dru~~
ps: There is plenty more that needs to be done and many fights not yet lost that need to be fought. ~~dru~~

In Saner Thought

We have had endless rants and opinions and out right bullshit about this hacking thing…..I have said that I do not doubt that they were hacked just that we may never know who or even why….but it makes good fodder for those that have nothing else to write about.

I read an interesting article in the American Conservative about this situation….about the attempts bt some to overturn the election results……..and to be fair I will include it here on IST for it made some excellent points.

Attempts to overturn the results of our election, or to delegitimize a president before he even takes office, are attempts to overturn the system of transfer of power that has served America well. There is no measure of exaggeration here; Americans are questioning the results of a democratic election.

In what in another era would be left for conspiracy theorists, powerful mainstream forces want…

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