I think I can handle spilled water…but trust me there are other ways to be cursed. Mostly I just curse but sometimes what goes around……etc. Consider this pass and tell someone in charge to stop cursing ME!

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As you probably have heard, the Cubs won the World Series the other night. If you haven’t it’s because you were hiding in a bunker for the last 108 years and didn’t know that it was such a big deal. If you were hiding in a bunker, welcome back. A lot has happened since you hid in your bunker. Mostly this thing called the internet that you are viewing for the first time. It’s basically the most important thing to happen ever. Because there is this thing called a blog that I use to make fun of you and the 6 billion other citizens of the world. By the way, there are 6 billion people on the earth now. Anyways, so the Cubs broke their “curse” of not being able to win, so it had to be transferred to me. Ever since they won, I have lost every game I…

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