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OOooo I’m having a bad Thursday but really EVERYTHING is irrelevant depending on which side of what line you chose or happen to just BE just by chance standing on. I just “unsubscribed” (REALLY is that a word?) from my Bernie’s site….i mean who much money can i give?

The saddest words in my lexicon of lyrics ( the constabulary of a person) are:


In Saner Thought

A good question…..and the answer is yes….not because of the issues but rather because the media does not want to gum up the system with more than two parties……and because the 2 parties do not want to relinquish their strangle hold on the political system.

This piece covers the history and the directions of the two Green Parties, Germany and USA…..(a historical perspective and thank you)

In countries like Germany, the Green Party wields real power. But in America, not so much.

Many Americans value environmental protection and want to see more of it. But Jill Stein, the Green Party presidential candidate, is drawing only 1 to 3 percent in recent polls, even in an election where many voters dislike the major candidates and are looking for alternatives.

Stein certainly has worked to differentiate herself from the two major party candidates. In July she asserted that electing Democratic nominee…

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I’m not sure it is ever going to be safe to come out of the bunker again. Lay in a supply of cheetoes and red wine. Have freckle face learn to shop for you, remain on Pinterest to maintain a semblance of contact with the outer world and consider praying.

My bunker doesn’t have the niceties of a closed door, gas mask, etc….i only have covers to pull over my head but if you hear an “all clear” signal I’d appreciate a “heads up”.

Sorry about the “other” girl.

~~head under the covers, with little chance of coming out…dru~~

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

humor, politics, life, Modern PhilosopherOne of the interns ignored protocol and came down into the basement bunker of The House on the Hill today, Modern Philosophers.

I don’t know her name.  She’s the one with the goofy smile and the cute freckles.  Anyway, the interns aren’t supposed to break the seal of the basement bunker and disturb me until they are sure the outside world is safe again for me.

Clearly, with Halloween having just passed, November arriving, Election Day less than a week away, and Snow Miser’s return imminent, it was not time to unlock the giant steel doors that lead to my inner sanctum.

I didn’t even take off my gas mask to address her.  That’s how pissed I was at being disturbed during my afternoon meditation (that’s what I call it, but I was really just reading a comic book and pondering why the world sucks).

“What do you want?” I…

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