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Is Death Watching Them

Or Just Waiting on the End?

Does Death Really Care?


How do you say meow in French??
miauler? ~~dru~~

bluebird of bitterness

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I’m not sure what I feel about Mr Bonez nightmare but it did make me feel and made me remember this tour. Happy H to our next president of 2020. ~~dru~~



Mr. Bonez fell asleep while reading a spell-book, and then woke to discover he’s living inside a nightmare! Characters of horrific lore inhabit a vacant cranium—are they real? Or just a figment of a dead man’s imagination?

Film By

ftmscrollClick Here & You’ll Be Fly!

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DaBoyz16pumpkins.jpgI didn’t carve this gang of squash heads but my nephews did.  Not bad say i…although i admit to a very strong bias…none-the-less; I’d walk gingerly through their pumpkin patch tomorrow night for a taste of sweet.   

thepumpkinspiderpatchBooooo.   ~~dru~~  


With apologizes to Dead Donovan and the “crew” of

 Mother Ghoul’s Nursery Rhymes

Come Goblins and creepers and reapers most grim

and stop by my house with the excessive trim.

My skulls will not hurt you, no monsters within.

My candy is tasty so eat take some from each bin

My spiders are sweethearts and have not the ven…

…om…   Well know one is purrfect.

CatRomance ~~dru~~

fountain_pen_and_ink_ii_by_karldawsonImage source: Karl Dawson on DeviantArt


put pen to paper,

in your youth, and the fountain

of knowledge begins


A GREAT story for Halloween and for life! THANX Rob for sharing this. ~~dru~~

Art by Rob Goldstein

A Skeleton in the Attic
Peter is the alternate that I understand the least.

I thought that he was a character that emerged in Second Life.

I was surprised when I found stories and poems signed by Peter.

Peter wrote these pieces decades ago and hid them at the bottom of a large cedar chest filled with stories and poems composed by different alternates.

I found A Skeleton in the Attic in October of 2010.

I have ample evidence that I wrote this story as Peter but I’m still not sure.

I’ve searched the internet to see if anyone else wrote this story and I have not found a published version of it.

I present the story with the illustrations we composed in 2010.

A Skeleton in the Attic reads like a fable, but there is something else here, something that fills me with dread.

Peter is the child that was s

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