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Couldn’t say it better myself and reblogging is so easy. Don’t even have to think…well at least not after you’ve read the article. ~~dru~~

In Saner Thought

I am always saying that I am thinking Green for this election…..I would rather marry a head of lettuce than vote for either GOP or Dem candidate…

I will show why I support Dr. Stein in her bid for the presidency……of course I do not agree with everything she has on the issues……but they are a damn sight better than either of the other two……


The United States should stop isolating and intimidating China, including in the East and South China Seas, where Beijing has territorial disputes with its neighbors, Stein said in July 2016. She says that if the United States made deep cuts to its military, China could follow suit and then both countries could redirect those savings toward converting their economies to green energy, which she says is needed to address the global warming crisis.

Read on…her international positions on the important issues in this…

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So many people really just do it better than me. This is a wonderful post and fills me with a profound sense of non-sadness. ~~dru~~


Some mindfulness masters teach, that you cannot fully begin to meditate until you have wept deeply. I once read a story of a Zen teacher who flirted with meditation for years before he decided to commit. He recalled how he wept openly and often for two years and after he had grieved for many things in his life, only then was he able to sit in silence.

I was sitting outside this morning, enjoying the beautiful day when I began to feel the pull of profound grief and sadness for the life I had uncovered. For the loss, for the pain, for the torture, for the years that I clung to survival as my only way of life. Sad for the years of having no hope, no dreams, no promises made…thinking that whoever came into my life would go. Not by virtue of old age, sickness or played out friendships. But…

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it’s an addition. Well it beats my old friend A. K. Hall. ~~dru~~


My news-watching habits have changed a lot during this election cycle. I’ve dropped my NY Times subscription, and I’ve stopped paying much attention to evening news, Meet the Press, Face the Nation or This Week. I’ve been watching Democracy Now! for almost fifteen years, but now DN and The Young Turks have become my primary sources, along with progressive sites like Truthdig, Common Dreams and Counterpunch.

I’ve been criticizing Clinton and the mainstream press so much that a lot of my Facebook friends probably think I’m pulling for Trump. Actually I’m appalled that the establishment media is so openly in the bag for the establishment candidate. It was fairly clear that most of the media, including so-called new media, sandbagged Bernie Sanders, declaring the race over long before it was over; now, there is no doubt that they are doing their best to torpedo Donald Trump. He certainly deserves scrutiny…

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I need to be locked up in a soft dull room until I can control myself. Hilary is a War Monger and in the pocket of Monsanto but Trump is the watch that just keeps on ticking. ~~dru~~

The Last Of The Millenniums


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OOoooooo hell, here i go again….it is just that he is such an easy target….he brings out the worst in you. Do you know I took a survey yesterday and one of the questions was “to you think Donald Trump wears a hairpiece?

I should have killed myself when I had the chance….now i just gotz to keeepz living or the catz will eatz me. xxx ooo ~~dru~~


The Last Of The Millenniums


"Gotta git rid of them homosexuals to make Merica great again". “Gotta git rid of them homosexuals to make Merica great again”.

Dear Barbara,

The number 1 reason you’re stupid is that Preaident Obama hasn’t ‘passed’ any laws.

Congress does. You know…..the people we elect to represent us…..’We The People?

‘A voter named Barbara explained that she was motivated to support Trump because “morality and values” were important to her’.



“Based on what the country was based on,” she said. “I think that the laws that Obama has passed, the way the country has — I call it down turning. Some of the other people are proud of it and happy for it. I personally am against it, the homosexuals, the abortions. All the stuff, I am against.”

From :

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In Saner Thought

Back in the days of my youth there were special people if you were into the protest scene…..Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin and Tom Hayden…..among others.

It all began with the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and their Huron Statement and the movement ballooned from there…..into a nationwide protest against war….where have all the leaders gone?

They were the backbone of the anti-war activism…..we took our cue from their examples……slowly our “heroes” from those days are dying off and there seems to be NO one capable of taking their place as the leaders of a movement……

Sadly Tom Hayden has passed on….he will be missed…..

Famed ’60s anti-war activist Tom Hayden, whose name became forever linked with the celebrated Chicago 7 trial, Vietnam War protests, and ex-wife actress Jane Fonda, has died. He was 76. He died on Sunday after a long illness, said his wife, actress Barbara Williams, noting…

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Long long time ago I thought i had to do the show, i thought I knew how to talk real slow. I sometimes simply memoz more i’z I forgoten wHy i really cryedcryzz…..i will never believe nothing counts no more. Sloppyness, giving up, being lazy all are things to consider but nothin never makes no mark we are all struggling and in the dark ……soooooz byez zbye miz american pie, drove my chevy ( or shive) to the levy and the levey was dry…just doing stupuz it seems the only since…do contrive.You shame me and I shame myself. Go figure. xxxxooo the end of this riduclous rant. WoWo I can’t believe I though you smart You’re funn but not so very smart and you father rode a horse that was worthy. me

The Last Of The Millenniums


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