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If any of you stupids out there, enjoy this amazingly idiotic post….Well good on yah! Watz we gotz in this world bu bliss?

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Art by Rob Goldstein

screenshot from a disinformation outlet that claims Hillary Clinton Murdered Justice Scalia Wikileaks reveals that Hillary Clinton Murdered Justice Scalia

The most shocking element of the GOP war against the Clintons is that it no longer bothers to cover up its lies.

In fact, The GOP knowingly spreads lies.

The work of destroying the first woman nominee for President requires an assault on reality.  So, the party of patriotism and personal accountability is in the odd position of colluding with and using the strategies of a man who is not a friend to the United States.

From the Brookings Institute:

There is significant evidence that individuals acting at the direction of or on the behalf of Russia—the degree of coordination is unclear—are attempting to use organizational doxing to influence the United States presidential election. As Harvard law professor Jack Goldsmith noted, this raises a number of scary questions regarding preserving the integrity of U.S. election results. It is not entirely clear what is…

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fairies  ~~dru~~

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Who ever it is, I’m against ’em! ~~dru~~

Life of an El Paso Woman

I’m usually not one who likes discussing politics but this election is an exception (kind of). The two main presidential candidates are a joke. I’m getting pretty tired of the ridiculous commercials and memes on social media. Some of them are actually funny but enough is enough already! Statues of the candidates have even been found naked in New York City! Check it out here. (If you dare, it’s pretty graphic). Early voting in Texas starts Monday (Oct. 24). I’m not really thrilled with either candidate but I plan on exercising my right anyway. Although It’s pretty depressing money bought a spot for Donald Trump! Fellow blogger and friend, Ryan Loera posted this video on Facebook a few day ago. I couldn’t stop laughing at it so I decided to post it here. Can people really be that stupid?? LOL. I’m counting the days down until this election is finally over! Here are a few memes…

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REPUBLICAN SEN. JOHN MCCAIN: “I promise you that we will be united against any Supreme Court nominee that Hillary Clinton, if she were president, would put up.” source: CNN

Evidently his brain is on eggz (apologizes Mega)  SCRAMBLED!  Even I don’t categorically oppose something just becuz someone one else supports….oops maybe that is wrong….see prior post regarding politics….me…..sigh

Your Life, Your Mind – It Matters!

Source: Welcome to Mind and Life Matters!


I’ve decided that SUNDAY is for “others who do it better than me” ~~dru~~

In Saner Thought

Sunday and I thought I would let you have a bit of a history lesson…..and since the election is just around the corner maybe a dose of what the Constitution is about will be helpful……

This election, as with every election, someone has to bring up the Constitution and our rights….this candidate or that will limit our rights and/or destroy the Constitution…..

I recently watched a vid with justice Souter, the ex-Supreme Court justice, about some of the constitutional stuff……watch it and listen to what he has to say…..interesting just how close he predicted this election back then…..I admit it is a bit lengthy but well worth the time investment……enjoy.

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This guy is NUTZ! it is soooooooo refreshing. ~~dru~~

I wantz me some o’ theze! ~~dru~~



Visual artist Adam Hillman is completely obsessed with arrangements and aesthetics. He spends hours putting items in the perfect positions so he can take incredible photographs of mundane things. His ideas are simple, but they’re also extremely satisfying.

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