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Character jugs are among the most popular collectibles produced by Royal Doulton. They were introduced in 1934 at the Burslem Pottery in Stoke-on-Trent and new designs were added to the collection until 2011. Hundreds of different characters from literature, legend and real life have been introduced to the collection. Many popular character jugs were made in a variety of sizes, large, small, miniature and tiny, and collectors often specialize in a favorite size for their displays. Toby jugs are also very collectible and they represent the entire human figure in jug form, not just the head. Pascoe and Company offers an extensive inventory of retired designs, including limited editions, unique prototypes and colorways.

-source: Pascoe and Company Web Site

And I have a discontinued Royal Doulton Jug of Robin Hood listed on eBay right now.  It was copyrighted in 1946, introduced in 1947, and discontinued in 1960.   Just click on the picture below to visit my auction.  This picture is not the actual piece I have for sale but my piece is a duplicate of this one and when you see my photos, you’ll understand why I needed to augment from the Internet.

robinhoodcloseupA wonderful web site regarding Toby Jug Collecting is:

and it is certainly worth a visit.  This site specializes in the original Toby Jugs that were first manufactured in the mid 1700s and they have a fabulous gallery of these jugs and even some listed for sale.  

If you are more interested in collecting the Character Jugs and Mugs the previously mentioned site; Pascoe and Company is also worth a visit, just click here.



The website for the American Toby Jug Museum is also very interesting and informative; so check that out too.  

The Robin Hood Character Jug I have listed on ebay comes from a Hollywood Estate that two of my friend inherited and I’m selling some of the items from that Estate for them.  

This jug looks a lot like Errol Flynn in his Robin Hood of the 1930s movie and might even have been purchased in 1947.

I will be listing an even larger character jug of Long John Silver soon; so check back at my eBay site if you’re interested.    toby-character-longjohnsilveronrubyln



Up Town Funk don’t give it to you but if you click here you can give a mammogram and help someone out of their funk!  ~~dru~~






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hamburger patty mold?


please note this image came from hmph proof up front that their is an alternative el cheaper.


personal pizza?

Because someone had a political haha, I had a bout of opposite itis.

Hillary, Hilliary ‘s a crock
The country ‘ll go to pot
The clock struck noon?
The world went up, kaboom!
Hillary, Hillary ‘s a crock.
(Hickory, dickory, dock.
The mouse ran up the clock.
The clock struck one,
The mouse ran down,
Hickory, dickory, dock)
hostile politics photo
a good catholic joke…. while the photo lasts.

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Radiant as the sun and sensual as the moon. I am not pretty, I am not beautiful, I am myself…the only one. ~~dru~~

The Challenge Words Hunter & Moon

     My Moon is My Friend

     Yet I Lose Her Most Often

     I Am Her Huntermoon-full  ******************************************

Hunter Moon

October 19, 2016 | Vol. 143 No. 197


Photo Source: Don Ogle / Sydney Sun-Telegraph Editor

Sidney and the country were treated to a rare super Hunter Moon over the weekend. This composite photo shows the view as it was seen through fall leaves. Hunter Moon is the first full moon in October, and what made this site rare was that it came when the moon was at perigee, or its closest orbit, to the earth. Super moons will also be seen in November and December.


Hunter’s Moon – The first full moon after a harvest moon