Although I did previously quote a 1998 supposed interview with Trump earlier on my blog, I have since consulted SNOPES and they state there is no evidence that he actually said that about Republicans in any interview….so for that I apologize. However, I am reblogging (is that an actual word) my prior blog regarding my assessment of “THE DONALD” with another media article that supports my opinion. Please Read….dru  AND my apologizes for the  prior interview blog.   Just point and click and if that doesn’t work copy and paste…you know the drill.



HenryViiiSyphilis is a venereal (sexually transmitted) disease. It has a few stages and involves unpleasant phenomena such as lesions and skin eruptions. Syphilis can go dormant (latent) for years or even decades before it affects the brain in a condition known as general paresis. Brain tissue is gradually destroyed by the tiny organisms that cause syphilis, the spirochetes. This progressive devastation causes mania, dementia, megalomania (delusions of grandeur), and paranoia.

Even when its existence is suspected, syphilis is difficult to diagnose. Most mental health clinicians are unlikely to try to rule it out. Syphilis in its tertiary (brain consuming) phase produces symptoms that are easily misdiagnosed as Bipolar Disorder combined with the Narcissistic and the Paranoid Personality Disorders.

Syphilitic patients in the tertiary stage are often described as brutal, suspicious, delusional, moody, irritable, raging, lacking empathy, grandiose, and demanding. They are indecisive and absorbed in irrelevant detail one moment…

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