Oh Cat Oh my Cat…my little black Cat; sometimes I do wonder, why do you …doo doo… that?

 What is the matter with you Oh my Cat?

 Where is my pencil, where is my pen?  I see you’ve been on my desk top again.


There are stains on my desk chair and bites on my notes; it’s a wonder the paper is not stuck in your throat.  You eat from my plate and drink from my glass, the baby food cost is a pain in the ass.   FEED-ME

 Why must everything about you be so…so so…hard?  Why can’t you just go out and shit in the yard?


You shit in the bathtub.  It is under my chair.   There is pooh in the corners, there is pooh everywhere.   Sometimes when I’m walking I must play Fred Astaire.


I know you are old, I know you are frail but at times I just wonder is it worth all this care?